BonDavinci Standard Decentralization

Why invest in art and value ?

Now, we need to keep a fresh and special eye on the process of reorganization of value and the formation of assets (Digital Asset) by actively understanding contents of culture and art market. And we want to start with BSD to create and distribute fair wealth that will be changed into shareholder value like activism fund.


Symbol & Name

5.5 billion

Total Supply

BonDavinci is committed to creating premium contents converting original paintings into motion graphics with advanced imaging Technic, for the aim to heal people through art.

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Making BSD project, BonDavicin, which is a unique company of production and plan in digital art area, creates and owns about 1,000 mater pieces combined original art works by Vincent Van, Hermann Hesse, Claude Monet, Michelangelo and more with advanced video technology. The company has already registered the copyrightson those contents in both domestic and China. Through the exhibitions, alive of art works by motion graphic and the re reconfiguration story of artist’s life give fully attraction.

Including our sincerity to the exhibitions, we make an effort for each component for the exhibition such as storytelling delivering an exhibition as a story, sound making an exhibition depth, objet & design making texture of exhibition outstanding. The professional group of artsBonDavincisublimates digital arts to warmth and heal and provides time to feel and own value of art.

The story that conveys the exhibition as one story, the sound that adds depth to the exhibition, the object that makes the texture of the exhibition stand out, the design, and the presentation. Da Vinci Co., Ltd., a professional group of arts, sublimates digital art into warmth and healing, thereby providing the time to feel and possess the value through art.

BonDavinci, the unique and outstanding status in the digital media art exhibition, not only has presented around 50 exhibitions in many areas including Seoul, Gwangju, Busan and etc., but also has exported convergence art exhibitions of and to 8 cities including Guangzhou, Beijing and so on in China, which is a milestone in terms of export of Hanruy in arts industry. In addition, the company has a house museum in Thailand.

Payment Platform

The BSD Payment Platform subsystem is integrated into the BSD at the protocol level to open up the possibility of a system that allows all users to purchase art assets (secure ART-ASSET tokens) and legally use all cash and encrypted currencies You can purchase additional services within the BSD ecosystem (movies, performances, exhibition tickets, purchase of Vouchers, partner products, etc.).

Payment Gateway

BSD Payment Gateway has an online PG system and an offline card payment gateway. We are discussing cooperation with a global credit card company and are planning to build our own payment POS system.

Discussing collaboration


Sangheung Park


Graduated Public Administration of Yonsei University / Worked several years as a producer for Sehan media production team and SBS production bureau, and began professional management in BonDavinci after serving as a vice president of media production at Yedang media.
BSD’s overall token management and project management

Present CEO of BonDavinci (2016~)
Former Managing Director on BonDavinci (2014~2016.1)
Former vice pressident of Yedang media (2009-2012)
Former producer of Sehan media production group (1996-2000)
Former Producer of Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) (1992-94)

Copyright Registration_Korea&China
<10year record of Van Gough>
Editing composition (editing composition/work process diary/video production)
Service table registration card
Visual composition
Copyright from China

Editing composition (editing composition/work process diary/video production)
Visual composition
secondary crop

Patent Registration
Realization of images through mobile phone imaging system (patent office)

Kim Ryeo Won


Worked as a broadcasting writer, KBS, SBS, and Go TV. She started the Little Da Vinci business, an art academy education franchise, and expanded to 30 franchises nationwide. He is the early leader in media art.Plans and structures overall architecture of BSD

Present Director of BonDavinci (2016.1~)
Former Representative Director of BonDavinci (2013 ~2016. 1)
Present CEO of Little Da Vinci art academy (more than 30 branches nationwide) (2008~)
Former Culture and Arts Committee Chairman of the Committee for National Cohesion (2012)

Korea SNS Industry Promotional Director Award
The 5th Asia Rojas Industrial War of the Year Award for Patent Office in LOHAS
Korea Trust Brand Awards (Sports Chosun)
Seoul Foundation for Culture Sharing Award

Kyobo Life Insurance Co./ Childhood Education Newspaper and more

Kand Dong Chul


Graduated law department of Busan National University, In charge of Hana Daetoo Securities Co., corporate finance, and after achieving 1 trillion won in fund sales, became a financial expert in charge of financial procurement of HMC Investment & Securities Co., Daishin Securities Co., Hanyang Securities Co. and IBK Investment & Securities Co. Directorate of Planning and Financing of Profit Securities on Financial Issues and Asset Trusts of BSD

Head of Hana Daetoo Securities' general finance team (company bond acquisition,CP, etc.)
(Overall of fund corporate sales – Achieved fund sales of 1 trillion won)
Head of Financial Instruments Team at HMC Investment & Securities ~ Director of Real Estate Development Finance Team
(Business Combinations (Funds)Operating Operations-Achieved fund sales of 850 Billion won)
Executive Director of the IB Business Headquarters of Hanyang Securities
Managing Director of IBK Investment & Securities' IB Business Headquarters
Chelsea Asset Management Asset Management Head of Asset Management Co.
JNC Asset Management (U) Head of Financial Operations

Dae Yoon Hwang


Worked in the financial investment and IT industry for a long time, led the development of securities derivatives and integrated securities network, and successfully carried out several development projects in various positions. technology development of BSD

Present in charge of technology of BonDavinci
Qualifications) KCIA Stock Analyst
(Qualifications) General operating personnel of RFM
(Qualifications) Financial Investment Analyst
Invex Asset Management CTA Operations Team Leader
Korea Economic TV Derivatives Analyst
Coscom Stock Network Integration Testbed TFT
Cheongdam Finance Center, Hana Financial Investment Co. PB

Kim Jung Ju

Kim Jung Ju

Business Director

Served as a chief executive officer of Dacom, Data Communication Network Consulting Sales, Cyberpass, Hongik Tech I&C, and is currently the CEO of Fantom Global. In charge of consultation to expand the BSD business and also the BSD technology sector.

Former Dacom, Data Communication Network Consulting Sales,
Former Business Director of Cyberpass
Former CEO of Hongik tech I&C
Holds multiple of patents, such as the service system, when providing after-tax stores

Choi Dong Hoon

Choi Dong Hoon

BSD’s technology development

Graduated from KAIST Computer Science Department. In 2005, he served as CEO for 14 years after the launch of Cconma, Korea's leading story commerce online shopping mall. Takes charge of matters related to real economy and the spread of crowdfunding.

CEO of Cconma
CEO of Cconma, Inc. (US corporation)

Former Software Enginneer of Samsung SDS
Former Information Security Consultant of A3 Security Consulting,
Former Planning Director of Godowon

Kim Soon Jong

Kim Soon Jong

Senior Managing Director

Graduated University of Denver/ MBA, and worked at SK Telecom's planning and coordination office, Commerce Headquarters, to plan, build, expand GiftCon, plan 11th Street, and serve as CEO of Incross, a digital advertising company on the KOSDAQ. Responsible for planning media advertising and token compensation services on the BSD.

Former Representative of Incross
Former Executive Director of Incross's Business Division, AD Commerce, China
Former Foreign Cooperation Agency (SPTEK)

Seo JeongMin

Seo JeongMin

Planning Master

Went through the Seoul International Performing Arts Festival and expanded its career in New York, serving as an Assistant Producer in the Dance Festival organizer representing New York City. Carried out licensing work for performing arts. Overseas promoter of BonDavinci. Currently working with seven members at marketing team, planing and directing business strategies. Responsible for BSD business and strategic planning.

Present Strategic Planning Team in BonDavinci
Former Producer of Tres Arts Management NY, USA
Former Assistant Producer(Art Director) of WHITE WAVE Dance NY, USA
Former Director of International Performing Arts Project
Former Sales Management Team of Hyundai Oil
Campus Education, Runner School (NY, USA)
Member CID at UNESCO.

Arko Webzin issued by the Korean Culture and Arts Council / Dance issued by the Korean Dance Critics Association / Webzin Art Management / Community Chest of Korea / KOFAC

Kim Seung Chul

Kim Seung Chul


Graduated Art Department of Hongik University. Started producing Ubiparkle film in Unjeong, Paju, planned and directed collaboration in various exhibitions with the National Museum of Korea, and a number of international fairs, directing of the six-page Diorama Hall of the 2012 Yeosu Expo. Hosting and directing video production with eight members for external cooperation with BSD.

Present Media of BonDavinci
Former Vizuaste
Former Pentabrid
Former Redrover

Byeon Hee Jung

Design Director

Majored interior architecture design. Constructed Korea’s first media exhibition called <10year record of Van Gough>. Works with eight members of BonDavinci, and directs overall space, design, constructions of every exhibition held by BonDavinci. Worked in several public projects, design and fabrication of commercial space converged with media. Responsible for space design and planning, including exhibition halls where BSD are used.

Present Space Design in BonDavinci
Former Space Designing and Planning of Jobworkd, Kid Zania, and KFC
Former Space Designing and Planning of Balance Park
Former Commercial Promotion of Ad-CK

Oh Jae Sang

Oh Jae Sang

R&D Research Director

Operates the Big Data Center in Seoul, the company is in charge of VOC analysis and consulting at the private pension corporation, Statistical analysis as a member of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Committee, Developed an application response prediction model for Smart TVs and free channels through Samsung Electronics' integrated BI enhancement project. Responsible for data analysis and messenger platform analysis development on art blockchain exchange (A.E.X) of BSD.

Seoul Big Data Center
- Operating Mentor of Big Data Center / Diagnosing and Data Analysis Problems
- Customized big data analysis project
- Analysis of corrective and promotional measures by analyzing public relations media
- Analysis of big data for lifelong learning programs
A Study on the VOC Data Analysis Consulting and Application of Private Pension Corporation
- Statistical analysis of big data
- Analyzing patterns and developing predictive models
Samsung Electronics Integrated BI Enhancement Project
- Developing a response prediction model for SMART TV channels
- Program relation analysis

Minister of the Future Award Statistic of the Future Department's Big Data and Machine Learning for Anomalies


Hwan Seung Choi

Hwan Seung Choi


Holding a bachelor degree of Yonsei University and a master’s in Business Administration in Marketing & Finance at Adelphi University. He earned licenses of Broker, supervisor and financial consultant of Stock Deal Association of USA. He started as a manager from AXA and became Senior Managing Director. His performances were so outstanding that he was awarded ‘Manager of the Year’, ‘Best consultant awards’ and more than. He financed 77 billions at Allianz Life as a director. Currently, he holds license of famous artists of hiphop and graffiti and runs exhibitions, show and art fund.

Licenses of Broker, supervisor and financial consultant of Stock Deal Association of USA
NASD Series 6, 7, 24, 53, 63, 65

Former Allianz Life Korea, (*Produced (Annual New Premium) 25 Billion KRW in 2010, 61 Billion KRW in 2011,75 Billion KRW in 2012, 77 Billion KRW in 2013, 67 Billion KRW in 2014.)
Former Samsung Life Insurance, Seoul, Korea
Former Nationwide Financial Services, New York, NY
Former AXA Advisors, Lake Success, NY / Senior Vice President (North East Division)
Former Financial Consultant, Stock broker.

* Outstanding performance (Production growth, Recruiting and Development, Expense Control) from AXA
*‘National Management Awards’ in 2002,2003 from GAMA International
*‘Manager of the Year’ awards
*‘National Builders Trophy’
*‘Associate of the Year’ award in 1995,1996, 1997
*‘National Leaders Corps’,
*‘The President Cabinet’

Lee Bo Ah

Lee Bo Ah


Published doctoral dissertation in Florida State University as ``A Review on the Return of Cultural Properties to Country of Origin`` Currently a professor og Chung Ang University. Distiguished in cultural art fields such as, multimedia multimodal system planning, convergent museum technology & museum informatics for the implementation of Deep learning & AI in museums, mart Museum.

Korea Academy of Sciences Award (An Introduction to Museum Science, 2002)/ Book of the Year selected by the Ministry of National Daily Culture/ Youth Book of the Month by the Korea Foundation for Publishing and Culture (Is Rubre a French Museum, 2002

Academic Career
-Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Art and Culture Technology (IJACT)(2017-)
-Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Art and Culture Education (IJACE)(2017-)
-Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Art and Culture Technology (IJACT) (2017-)
-Member of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Art and Culture Education (IJACE) (2017-)
- Academic Director of the Korean Design and Culture Association (2015-)
- Academic Director of the Computer Information Society of Korea (2014-)
- Press director of the Human Contents Association (2012-)
- National Museum Editing Committee (2009-)
- Director of the Korean Museum Management Marketing Association (2008-)
- Director of the Korean Art Management Association (2006-)

Kim Nak Il

Kim Nak Il


CEO of Neorama, a Ph.D. in computer information engineering, and currently a member of the Korea Creative Content Agency, and is active in developing software such as Immersive Technology, Big Data, AI, and Gamification. Developing and building mobile AR games for BSD's token drop.

Special Committee on IITP
Special Committee on Korea Creative Content Agency
Special Committee on the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency
Specialist Committee on the National Vocational Capability Standards

Lee Kyung Tae

Lee Kyung Tae


Master’s degree in KAIST EMBA. Head of LG Display's U.S. corporation. Developed a digital frame as part of a media frame device and is currently selling BonDavinci's video on a digital frame.Provides asset merchandising services that combine digital assets in BSD with devices

New Optics Strategy Officer
LG Display Corporate President, U.S./Mexico
LG Display Research Institute, Planning, Production Management, IT, Foreign Company (China/US/Mexico, 10 years)

Kim Won Hyun

Kim Won Hyun


CEO of Stakken, majored urben engineering at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Worked at Procurement Agency, Design Review Consultant, and expertise at Space Strategy & Planning, Smart (Green) City, Hazard Mitigation Tecchnology, Landscape Architecture, Planning for National Territory, Construct and Environment Developing and building mobile AR games for BSD’s token drop.

Advisor, PPS (Public Procurement Service)
Opinion Leader, Lafent (Landscape Arhitecture for Environment)
Mitglied, EU SWITCH-Project (Sustainable Water Management in Cities of the Future)

Lee So Myeong

Lee So Myeong


urrently a gallery blue curator and graduated from Central St. Martin, one of Britain's top art schools. Working as a content provider for his designed blue canvas. Consulting on BonDavinci Digital Asset Management and Overseas Supply of BSD

University of Arts London - Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design / BA (HONS) Textile Design (Knit) / London, UK
University of Arts London - Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design / Foundation Diploma in Art and Design / London, UK

YoBaek Young Sun

YoBaek Young Sun

Content Manager

Majored Cultural Arts Management at Kyung Hee University’s Graduate School of Business. currently in charge of Kakao's content platform as the head of Kakao Impact's business planning department, and planned to promote contents throughout the cultural business through marketing by Daum Communications.Performs content sourcing and advisory role on the BSD

Public relations advisor to the Korea National Land Information Corp.
Former Kakao Content Platform Team
Former Kacao media partnership team
Former Jeju Center for Creative Economy & Innovation Business Planning
former Daum Communications Marketing Team
Former Hanwha Hotel & Resort (63 Building) Culture Business Department
Former Seoul Arts Planning Marketing Team

Tokenization Culture & Art assets on BSD

It is a method to generate and provide multiuse information through a network of author and work information in eight fields classified by the Copyright Act, which is the norm of the cultural community established by the international society. To this end, Apply technology, save in block chain


AEX (Art Exchanges)

You can own and trade tokenized art / cultural assets as BSD and major coins. Transactions are written to the block chain to ensure transparency and claim ownership of the assets. Transactions in exchanges are stored in block chains, and dividends are automatically applied according to defined rules, thereby blocking moral risk and asymmetry of the operational organization.

IAO (Initial Art Offering)

It attracts funds through tokenization or content-based disclosure of the artist / creator’s content. In today’s content environment, money is only for stimulating contents, and the value of pure art is not recognized. Team BSD captures it and implements a business ecosystem that is recognized for its artistry and that can soon become a business opportunity. The IAO can proceed with a variety of coins and tokens, but BSD is the highest priority.

Revenue models

Project Development Mission

Payment platform

You can easily purchase tickets through BSD from the extensive network of BSD culture and arts. Movies, exhibitions, concerts, operas, musicals, etc.

Asset tokenization system

You can use BSD directly for various cultural / artistic payments online & offline. BSD is the current currency, not the future.

Distributed storage system

On the BSD network, various cultural & art assets can be distributed and owned by tokenization methods. The revenue generated by these assets can be distributed in an automated way through block chains.

Ledger system

The BSD-led system (BSD-IDMD), which records the history of ownership of specific art assets and all identities and metadata, contains information about all art assets that pass through the BSD ecosystem and removes the possibility of subsequent forgery or duplication Provides transparency of transactions and ownership.

Open API and SDK

The BonDaVinci infrastructure and subsystems are accessible through open source. Open APIs and SDKs that enable integration with third-party services.


Company 10 %
Reserve 15 %
Team 5 %
Sale 25 %
I.A.O 25 %
Marketing 20 %

* At least 12 months of step by step lock-up will be applied to the volume of Compnay’s own, Reserve, Team, and Marketing.
* Audited and reported by the external auditing agency will be carried out for the volume of the loan.

Timeline & RoadMap


  • Crypto Shopping Mall Completed / Beta Test
  • ICO / IEO Preparation
  • Exhibition ready to open


  • Listed on BSD (overseas / domestic)
  • Opened the exhibition of convergence art : Started to promote BSD and to release press.
  • Exhibit list of own shopping mall that can be paid by major coins and BSD


  • Made a contract for AR games using BSD
  • IEO progress and preparation
  • Start marketing
  • Biometrics Shield Cure Business Agreement

April to June

  • Released White Paper 2.0
  • Contracted to use BSD exclusively for copier kiosk API that spread 500 universities nationwide
  • Story Chain Business Exchange Agreement
  • Agreement first Crytocurrency for using Culture Cash
  • Start customizing / migrating its website to utilize BSD (BSD development, etc.)
  • 1st IEO on the Korean Market

July to September

  • Launched BSD compensation service and reward service from BonDavinci website
  • Global Alliance (with Vietnam Content and Real Estate Business)
  • Signed a business agreement with Tezos Korea for STO joint business
  • Secondary IEO
  • Entered into China exhibition
  • Preparing to list domestic and foreign exchanges

October to December

  • Developing exchange rate of BSD to use Cultural Gift Certificates, BonDavinci museums and performance halls.
  • Preparation for payment for BonDavinci website, Shopping Mall of BSD
  • Planning BSD exclusive wallet development
  • Discussion for multiswap with BonDavinci’s affiliates and BSD alliances
  • Convergence Art Exhibition in Vietnam
  • Michelangelo Exhibition in China
  • Plan and Development for Mainnet Construction
  • Apply for the Regulatory Sandbox
  • Around the first half
  • E.X decentralized exchange will be negotiated / Started BSD 1st dividend
  • Negotiated for BSD ATM withdrawal and nationwide convenience stores to use BSD
  • BSD exclusive card (discussion including transportation card) planned
  • Plan & Development for BSD Mining Game
  • Plan & Development for Art Real Estate
  • Around the first half
  • Registered USA ATS
  • Mainnet Beta Test


  • Prototype Blockchain Configuration
  • Bit-based → EOS-based (Due to speed problem)


  • Team Formation : Specialist in technology, finance, academia
  • Partnership Agreement


  • Website payment module development
  • First, Website Beta Test


  • White Paper ver. 1.0
  • Dec. 2018 BSD website (completed) released

* Schedule may have some changes and adjustments

Other references: Art Tokenization with Art works owned and consigned
  • First, Kim Il-tae
    • Hosted as a Korean artist the 1st Exclusive Exhibition in Saatchi Gallery, London
    • Sold out 12 works at the 2019 Hong Kong Basel
    • Collectors : Obama, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Royal British, Ivanka Trump, Madonna, Psy, Tangway and more
  • 2nd
    • Exhibition and Sales Tokenization for World Street Art Master “Jonone” and “Frank Shepard Fairey”
  • 3rd
    • A.E.X with Picaso’s <La Maja con Bandolina>
    • Under negotiation for the exhibition of Baskia